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12in Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3)

Why settle for one when you can have three? This vibrant little group of Bonsai trees will bring a l..

12in x 12in Eucalyptus Mat (Set of 8)

For a covering that’s a little more delicate (and with a lot more detail), one would be hard pressed..

14in Boxwood Ball (Indoor/Outdoor)

The boxwood is one of the preferred plants for decorative landscaping. This is because the leaves gi..

14in Cedar Ball (Indoor/Outdoor)

If you are looking for a piece of greenery to complete a certain look in your décor, look no further..

15in Cedar Bonsai

Representing unmatched skill and loving care, the Bonsai tree has long been a favorite of nature lov..

15in Dia. Mohlenbechia Ball

Sometimes, you simply need a ball of natural beauty to complete your décor. This 15” Mohlenbechia B..

15in Ruffle Fern Bush w/Burlap Base (Set of 2)

Sometimes, you need a decorative plant arrangement that makes a real statement. In that instance, yo..

17in Agave Succulent Plant (Set of 2)

Standing at an impressive 17 inches tall, this Agave Succulent Plant is an exotic desert themed favo..

18in Olive Silk Tree w/Vase (Set of 2)

This mini Olive tree looks so real, you’re tempted to pull off an olive and pop it into your mouth. ..

19in Boxwood Ball (Indoor/Outdoor)

Let your decorating creativity soar with this full, attractive faux Boxwood. Lovingly shaped into a ..

19in Cedar Ball (Indoor/Outdoor)

A globe of natural greenery, this perfect recreation of a cedar plant has been shaped into a strikin..

2.5ft Grass Plant

Spring will always remain in the air when it comes to this wispy PVC Grass plant. Standing at 2.5’ ..

23in Peperomia Plant UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

Lush and robust, and standing at a proud 23” inches tall, this peperomia plant is a true gift for an..

25in Mixed Yucca Marginatum Pothos & Bracken w/Planter

Add a touch of class to any room with this beautiful collection. This Mixed Yucca, Marginatum, Potho..

27in Grass w/Mini Cattails Silk Plant

When viewed in an “un-mowed” state, most grass is actually quite beautiful. Soft, wispy, and delicat..

27in Mixed Areca Palm Fern & Peacock w/Planter

A true tropical sensation, this mixed areca palm, fern and peacock assemblage will have people talki..

28in Mixed Silver Queen Wandering Jew & Fittonia w/Planter

A look that is as unique as it's name. This Mixed Silver Queen, Wandering Jew and Fittonia is an exp..

28in Peperomia Plant UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

Ok, here’s a selection that exudes pure joy. The bold, leafy explosion of green is both “big” and de..

29in Large Leaf Philodendron Silk Plant (Real Touch)

An abundance of bold lush greenery decorates this large leaf Philodendron. Not only does this plant ..

3.5ft Birdsnest Plant

A veritable "fountain of green", this Birdsnest plant will liven up any décor, and stay looking gree..

3.5ft Double Areca w/Vase & Pothos Silk Plant

Bring the Rainforest home with this incredible Double Areca / Pothos leaf combination. You and your ..

3.5ft Evergreen Plant

Here's an eclectic piece of décor that nobody will be able to quite put their finger on. Is it a pal..

30in Pond Cypress Topiary w/Urn (Indoor/OutDoor)

Wow... that's what everyone first says when they view this incredible 30” Pond Cypress Ball Topiary...

32in Agave Plant w/Stem

Bring the sunshine indoors with this awesome Agave plant. Standing a full thirty two inches high, an..

38in Mixed Mini Bamboo Fittonia & Springeri w/Planter

A beautiful collection of greenery, this mini bamboo, fittonia and springeri is the perfect accessor..

39in Hibiscus Topiary

You'll get twice the beauty with this striking Double Hibiscus Topiary. Featuring two distinct bloom..

3ft Anthurium Silk Plant (Real Touch)

Those red pursed lips, floating on a sea of lush green… breathtaking!!! Ok, maybe we’re getting a bi..

3ft Cycas Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

Standing at 3 feet tall, this beautiful Cycas tree will draw positive attention to itself for a vari..

3ft Mixed Grass Dracena Sage Ivy & Fern w/Planter

Standing at an impressive 3’ foot tall, this mixed grass, dracena, sage ivy and fern combination is ..

3ft Onion Grass Plant

Everyone loves the dense, bold beauty of onion grass. But, of course, it's tough to grow, and then t..

3ft Stephanotis Topiary w/Planter

Standing at 3 feet tall, this beautiful Stephanotis topiary is sure to draw attention, no matter whe..

3ft Zebra Silk Plant

Warm tropical nights will fill your thoughts as you sit and gaze at this lovely Brazilian beauty. Ju..
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