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14in Cedar Sphere

Sometimes, "simple" says so much. And that's exactly what this 14" cedar sphere does. It's definitel..

4in Berry Ball (Set of 6)

Ok, you’ve seen apples, oranges, and other fruits in a bowl. But how about Berry Balls? Yes, it’s di..

5.5in Weighted Faux Mango (Set of 12)

Nothing sets the mood of visiting your favorite beach bungalow than being greeted by the sight of a ..

5in Artichoke (Set of 6)

The artichoke is an incredibly unique plant – it’s both striking to look at, and it’s delicious to b..

5in Red Berry Ball (Set of 6)

Ok, just the name "Red Berry Balls" elicits a sense of fun and whimsy, does it not? Taking a look a..

7.5in Cedar Balls (Set of 3)

Triple your decorating acumen with this set of three lush Cedar Balls. Combining the intricate textu..

Banana Bunch (Set of 4)

In this situation, going bananas is a good thing. These bright and fun tropical faux fruits are the..

Buddha Head (In-Door/Out-Door)

For certain types of décor, a Buddha head is an ideal accompaniment. If you have an Zen-like area, b..

Buddha Statue (In-Door/Out-Door)

Here's a beautiful, serene Buddha statue that will find a welcome home in your house, garden, or eve..

Decorative Balls (Set of 12)

If there’s one item that can liven up any room (not to mention go anywhere), it’s these wonderful De..

Decorative Balls (Set of 6)

Whoever said that “less is more” clearly never had the chance to liven up a room with these Decorati..

Faux Apple (Set of 6)

Richly colored and designed, these “never spoil” apples are a great addition anywhere, from the kitc..

Faux Limes (Set of 12)

From their tangy flavor to their soft pulpy texture, limes are the perfect accessory to practically ..

Faux Pear (Set of 6)

Enjoy a symbol of an abundant harvest. Six ever-so-delicious looking pears with a rich blending of c..

Perfect Pumpkin

Here's a pumpkin that looks so real, you'll be tempted to carve a face into it! But don't, because t..

Square Planters w/Rim (Set of 4)

If your philosophy is “More is better”, then this is the vase collection for you. Our set of four Sq..
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